Adventure Habitats™

When it comes to Adventure Habitats, exterior upgrades help you journey further down the road less traveled. Every build will be upgraded differently, but there are certain things you can expect. Here is a list of some of those upgrades:

Lift Kit

Complete Lift Kits by WeldtecDesigns, Fox shocks, steering stabilizers...

Wheels & Tires

Oversized heavy-duty wheels and top all-terrain tires

Tow Package

Curt Class IV trailer hitch, 7+4 trailer plug, Primus IQ trailer brake controller

Body & Protection

Aluminess rear swingout tire rack and side ladder, brush guards/running boards, Herculined quarters

Lights & Cameras

Lightbars and Aux lights, reverse cameras with monitor, dashcams...

Styling & Rejuvenation

Blacked-out grilles and bumpers, New headlights/taillights...

We have developed a modern-minimalist aesthetic for the interior design of our Adventure Habitats. That means clean lines and smart colors that provide a sense of space and promote organization in small spaces. We only use strong materials and premium hardware upgraded to fit our application. As you can see from our media, we use a specific brand theme during the design process but we can change colors and styles of most aspects of the interior design for clients who purchase an Adventure Habitat while still in the Canvas stage.


Modern-minimalist styling with whites, greys, blacks, woods, and accents

Cabinetry & Counters

Shaker style cabinets and drawers, real butcherblock countertops

Surfaces & Flooring

Clean white walls and ceiling with natural wood trim over premium Fresh Oak Lifeproof® waterproof plank flooring


Brushed nickel or black handles, pulls, sink and faucet, heavy duty latches


Sheer or pattern curtains, upholstery, cushions, liners


Wood and shiplap accent walls, wood trim

Adventure Habitats pack in all the living and comfort features you need for awesome immersive experiences. Our goal is for you to feel at home wherever your journey takes you. While every setup will be different, here are the features you can expect in your living space.

Lounging & Sleeping

Front swivel seats with tabletop, day bench, queen size bed with memory foam mattress, second convertible bed*

Cooking & Food Storage

Electric fridge, electric or propane stove, deep basin sink system with hot water and built-in cutting board, storage

Living & Working

Dimmable lighting throughout plus dedicated lights over bed, conveniently located power outlets for appliances and charging electronics

Showering & Hygiene

Indoor and/or outdoor shower with hot water, cassette or camping toilet

Cooling & Ventilation

Bi-directional rooftop venting, evaporative cooler and/or AC


Privacy curtains, storage throughout

What we have learned over the years is that the way people actually use their campers is not always how they thought they would. So, we try to set-up every Adventure Habitat to be used in every scenario: campground, full hookups, partial hookups, boondocking, overlanding.

Off-grid power

Renogy solar power with controller, DC-DC battery charger (charge while you drive), large battery bank with monitor, pure sine inverter

Off-grid Water

20-50 gallon fresh water tank; complete Shurflo pump system with filter, silencer, and pressurizer; drain with garden hose option to dump tank or nature

Shore Power & Water

20 or 30 amp service (plug into campground power), connect to city water using fresh water hose, drain using garden hose or RV sewage hose

Control Center

Integrated AC/DC distribution center and battery charger (charge via campground power), solar controller, battery health monitor

Plumbing Components

Pex tubing with appropriate fittings and multiple water valves for safety

Electrical Components

Appropriate gauge high-quality Romex and cables, safety breakers/fuses and switches throughout

Rise-up with ELEVATE, our newest habitat.

ELEVATE is all about the excitement and freedom that you find when you choose to venture down the path less traveled.

01. Start with a canvas

We select only the best and most awesome pre-owned vehicles to become Adventure Habitats™

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02. Build a new habitat

Every habitat is built fresh from the ground up with all new parts from industry-leading companies

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03. Match with humans

Our habitats have everything you need for epic adventures so you can live your wildest

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