There are three levels of warranties when it comes to Adventure Habitats™. First, we DO warranty the build itself. Anything that relates to the craftsmanship and materials used in the production process of your vehicle is warrantied by us and/or our partners who work on them. Also covered are the manufacturer warranties for all the individual components used to build your Adventure Habitats. This would cover things like an inverter failing for no fault of your own and must be dealt with the manufacturer directly (make sure to register everything in the packet we provide for you).

Lastly, some people may want to warranty the vehicle itself. By law, pre-owned vehicles are sold ‘as is’ and do not come with a warranty. We go to great lengths to try to prevent any issues, including testing and evaluation of vehicles, but we can’t control for something that happens organically as you roll down the open road. Nevertheless, please always reach out to us because we will always try to see if we can help in some way!

Alternatively, there are third-party companies who will provide warranties on the vehicle itself. But please do your research and make sure they are reputable and worth the coverage.


  • WLDR stands by the build-out itself, including craftsmanship and materials used in the camper conversion – our warranty.
  • Manufacturer warranties cover the hardware and appliances themselves. Please review the included documents and send in warranty cards wherever applicable.
  • Used vehicles are sold ‘As Is’ by law with no explicit warranties. There are third-party providers, but please do your research to make sure they are highly rated.