What we have learned over the years is that the way people actually use their campers is not always how they thought they would. So, we try to set-up every WLDR Camper to be used in multiple scenarios: campgrounds, full/partial hookups, boondocking, and overlanding.

Most campers include all three sources to power your utilities and charge your battery bank: plugin to shore power, solar power generation, and DC-DC charge while you drive. These are thoughtfully integrated into a complex electrical system that we make sure is user friendly on the surface and which includes a series of breakers, fuses, inverters, converters, switches, and outlets so you can get the most from your camper.

Similarly, plumbing is setup so that you can connect to city water sources or use on-board water tanks with an electric water pump. Whether you are at a campground or miles down the trail, you will always have a means of cooking, cleaning, and showering.