Frequently asked questions

Sort of, but not really. We know this isn’t the answer that you want, but please understand why it must be so. The entire build process begins when we source the best preowned ‘Canvas’ vehicles on the market and no two vehicles are exactly the same. The vehicle itself determines what build model styles we can choose from. Moreover, we build Adventure Habitats from vans, buses, trucks, and SUVs.

The most awesome way to find your perfect Adventure Habitat is to check out what we currently have available now or coming soon with an open mind and give us a call to see if it would be a good match for your needs. You can also join the waitlist if you are looking for a specific model and we will let you know as soon as the Canvas comes in. From there, you can either custom build your Adventure Habitat from the jump or wait until the finished product is for sale.

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Great question. We build awesome new Adventure Habitats out of the best pre-owned vehicles on the market so we can offer them at affordable prices. Our goal is to provide top-of-the-line and fully functional builds with industry-leading components at ¼-½ the price of our competition. Adventure Habitats typically sell anywhere from $40-60,000 depending on the build, but they can range from as low as $30,000 and as high as $80,000.

Whatever your budget, we would love to discuss your vision. Because we custom build each Adventure Habitat, we can usually find ways to make your dream a reality.

While we often build Adventure Habitats from van canvases, there are other vehicles that make awesome creations. The right short buses, trucks, and SUV’s all make great canvases. Therefore, let us know if you have a wild vision for your next Adventure Habitat and we will try to manifest it

All Adventure Habitats are NEW BUILDS from the ground on up but they begin with premium pre-owned vehicles. In other words, the vehicle canvas is pre-owned but everything we add to the vehicle to make it into an Adventure Habitat is new using industry leading products and services. We don’t skimp on anything, ever.

Not only does this allow us to drive down final costs for you, but we can help you avoid the dramatic depreciation that happens when you purchase a new camper. Most people who purchase this type of adventure vehicle intend to use it a lot and keep it for a long time. That means you will rack up the miles pretty quickly anyway and earn yourself a ding or two along the way. Built to last for hundreds of thousands of miles with routine maintenance, we do not believe there is a reason to start with a brand new vehicle anyway.

Yes. Depending on the point in the build process, you can customize many things. For example, if you buy in as soon as we receive a new canvas you can basically help us design everything from the layout to cabinetry colors to the size of the power bank..etc. If you find your perfect Adventure Habitat while we are in the middle of the build, we can still work with you to make certain customizations that are available at that time. Even once we finish a build, there are still opportunities for aesthetic customizations to make it your own and certain functional changes as well.

Let us start by saying that every state has different laws and processes pertaining to registering recreational vehicles. Therefore, please check with your local DMV. As far as we know, you can change the registration of a vehicle from automobile to recreational vehicle in every state. And there are reasons why you may want to do that.

To learn more and for an example about how to change your registration status in California, please check out our article on How to register your Adventure Habitat as a recreational vehicle.

There are three levels of warranties when it comes to Adventure Habitats. First, we DO warranty the build itself. Anything that relates to the craftsmanship and materials used in the production process of your vehicle is warrantied by us and/or our partners who work on them. Also covered are the manufacturer warranties for all the individual components used to build your Adventure Habitats. This would cover things like an inverter failing for no fault of your own and must be dealt with the manufacturer directly (make sure to register everything in the packet we provide for you).

Lastly, some people may want to warranty the vehicle itself. By law, pre-owned vehicles are sold ‘as is’ and do not come with a warranty. We go to great lengths to try to prevent any issues, including testing and evaluation of vehicles, but we can’t control for something that happens organically as you roll down the open road. Nevertheless, please always reach out to us because we will always try to see if we can help in some way!

Alternatively, there are third-party companies who will provide warranties on the vehicle itself. But please do your research and make sure they are reputable and worth the coverage.

Awesome! We love when people want to build their own DIY campers. That said, we also know that there are many hurdles and challenges that you will confront along the way – some of them costly mistakes and still others very dangerous. For that reason, we have two avenues for people who want to build a DIY camper: (1) we can produce a partial build for you with some of the more complicated and/or technical elements leaving space for you to put your spin on the rest and (2) we provide consultation services for people who want to build their own.

Contact us if you still have questions.